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Dan Riehl

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The 400 School

IT Security and Compliance Group

The IT Security and Compliance Group was founded in 2009 to provide expert level security services and training for our clients that use the IBM i computer system.

The IBM i (formerly known as the IBM AS/400 and IBM iSeries) brand of computer is one of the most popular business computing platforms in the world, and many say it is the best due to it's highly integrated operating system, security, communications and database components.


Who Are Our Customers?

At IT Security and Compliance Group, we specialize in Security Audit and Vulnerability Assessment services, along with remediation services to help secure the IBM i. We also provide training for your staff in Security Auditing and Security Management. Live Hands-On classes customized to meet your individual requirements is always a top priority.

We provide these services and training to many of the largest corporations and organizations in the world, as well as Federal, State and Local Governments.

Security Presentations

Dan Riehl has presented some of his IBM i Security Training Sessions at COMMON Conferences. Click the session name to download the Session handout. 

QAUDJRN Auditing: Configuration and Options

Securing User Profiles Against Abuse  

Forensic Evaluation - Using QAUDJRN

Additional QAUDJRN Security Reference Materials Are also here:

Layout of OUTFILES for QAUDJRN Entry Types

Journal Entry Types by *AUDLVL

Full Security Services Catalog

For a complete listing of all of our On-Site and Remote Security Services, please view our on-line Security Services Catalog.

Founder and President
      Dan Riehl

The company was founded by Dan Riehl, formerly Founder and President of The PowerTech Group. Since 1996, when Dan founded Powertech, it grew to become the leading security software and service provider for the IBM System i.

In late 2008, Powertech was acquired by Help/Systems. Shortly after the acquisition, Dan left Powertech and formed IT Security and Compliance Group.

Dan is familiar to most IBM i professionals through his many books and magazine articles on IBM i security and technology.

Included among the award winning books that Dan has written are:

  • Power Tips for OS/400 Security
  • AS/400 PowerTools
    (Volume I & II)
  • Control Language Programming for the IBM i
  • Control Language Programming for the AS/400
  • Desktop Guide to AS/400 Programmer Tools

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