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Greetings !

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the SecureMyi.com Security Newsletter for the IBM i.

If you are a system administrator, a security officer, CISO, IT auditor, or other IT professional working with the IBM i (iSeries and AS/400), this newsletter is specifically written for you.
The SecureMyi.com Security Newsletter is designed to be an independent, one-stop shop for information about Security and Compliance, specifically for the IBM i.

In these times of ever increasing threats against our computing infrastructure, and seemingly endless compliance requirements, we will strive to bring you the latest and most relevant information regarding security updates, Industry News, security vendor announcements and great Tips and Techniques, all focused on the IBM i.

In each issue (alternating Tuesdays), the Featured Articles will provide in-depth coverage of important, and timely, security topics. In addition, we will present "All the News that's fit to Print" regarding the IBM i Security and Compliance marketplace.

We believe that you will find the Newsletter to be a valuable resource in your effort to stay informed on all facets of IBM i Security.

And, if you subscribe, or simply update your subscription information for the SecureMyi.com Security Newsletter, we will send you a free copy of the book "Powertips for IBM i Security", and you will be entered into a drawing, in which the winner will receive a $500 Best Buy gift card. You may subscribe or update your subscription information here.

I wish you the very best, and hope you will enjoy this inaugural issue. I treasure your comments and feedback. Please send an email with your input.

Dan Riehl

IBM i Security News Bytes

Bsafe is now Enforcive Systems Ltd - (System iNetwork)

Live Online Security Workshop from The 400 School
The 400 School will present a 4-Day Live Hands-on IBM i Security Workshop Jan 17-20, 2012.

IBM i Security Calendar of Events

October 12 - Skyview Partners - Coffee with Carol: Top 5 Security Administration Issues for IBM i and AIX

January 17-20 - The 400 School - Live Online Security Workshop

May 6-9 - COMMON-A User Group - Annual Conference and Expo - Anaheim, CA

Featured YouTube Video

IBM i Security - Popular Misconceptions on User Limited Capabilities

IBM i Security and Audit Resources

Security Videos from Securemyi.com

Security Training from the 400 School

IBM i Security Reference - IBM i 6.1

IBM i Security Reference - IBM i 7.1

PCI SSC Data Security Standards

Featured Article - IBM i Hidden Configuration Options

By Dan Riehl

There are vast hidden treasures to be found in some of the deep dark recesses of our wonderful System i. For many of us, these treasures have been elusive, yet, they have been so close at hand. Just a Click away... a CL command away...

IBM has not tried to keep these treasures "hidden", but, as far as I know, they have not gone out of their way to educate us on these Treasures(Hidden Configuration Options). These "hidden" configuration options allow you to customize access to several security, system and network related functions through a simple CL command interface, or through System i Navigator.


Security Shorts

Insight into your Group Profiles

A member of a group profile inherits all authorities and special authorities from their group(s). In order to manage your groups, it's important to know what users are in those groups.

When you need a list of all the users who belong to a particular group profile, it's easy to get. Just use the DSPUSRPRF (Display User Profile) command as follows:


For GroupProfileName, substitute the name of the group profile for which you want to list the group members.

If you want a full system listing of members of all group profiles you can use the command DSPAUTUSR(Display Authorized Users) as follows:


For a nice GUI look into your users and groups, IBM i Navigator for Windows( aka Operations Navigator) provides the nicest presentation.

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